We are a small Michigan business that handcrafts and sells lip balm. Although we currently sell only wholesale in Michigan, take a look at our information. You may want to let your local gift or specialty shop know about us.

 Satin Kisses is our "flagship" lip balm. It's handcrafted from some of the world's most exotic oils and moisturizers.

We are small and we wanted to come up with a less exotic version of lip balm. We have an all natural moisturizer called Cheap Stik. It's not the greatest of names, but the ingredients are natural and not from an oil rig. It's our hope that you won't forget a name like Cheap Stik. It's handcrafted with quality Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil and gamma tocopherols (vitamin E) to help extend the shelf life of the balm. We'd like to charge even less, but we don't have a manufacturing plant and a laboratory like the big box people. We don't have an oil well, either (petroleum jelly).

We at Small Farma Soothicals seek the maximum benefits from our lip balms. We're sure that no matter which lip balm you use, you will be pleased with the results. All lip balms come with a consumer safety seal.

It doesn't get better than this!
Long lasting and soothing.
A great lip balm, at a great price!

Thanks for virually visiting the handcrafted lip balm capital of the world, Romeo, Michigan

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